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OJESH Classic 28 Ampoule Set

OJESH Classic 28 Ampoule Set


OJESH 28 ampoules Hyaluronic Acid Lifting Treatment is the world's first small nano-molecule hyaluronic acid, the world's smallest molecular weight in the market It is very easy to be absorbed and penetrates directly to skin dermis layers to achieve real moisturizing. * Each product has an unique anti-counterfeiting code. Customers can visit official website to verify the authenticity. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for any Wrap the bottle with a cotton pad and break it at its neck, pour the essence out Gently apply the essence on the face, one bottle is good for one time use only Hydrate with facial mist to boost duration and effectiveness Apply eye cream and face cream

  • 28 vials x 1ml/Set

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